Name: J. Garrett Harper. M.D

Profession: Plastic Surgeon, Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery

Originally From: Virginia

Years in Charlotte: 11

LASIK: November 2019

Get to Know Garrett

Q: We’re excited to hear about your experience getting LASIK at Providence Eye! But first, can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

A: I was a military brat, so I have lived all over. I was born in Virginia, moved to Germany, Alabama, back to Virginia, New York then Georgia for 20 years. My family and I moved to Charlotte in 2012 after I finished my surgical training at Emory University in Atlanta. I have an incredible wife, Kristin, and two almost-perfect children- Wyatt and Yates.

Q: What do you do professionally?

A: I am a plastic surgeon with Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery here in Charlotte.

The Right Time to Get LASIK

Q: What was it that propelled you to consider LASIK?

A: I became increasingly frustrated with the monotony of putting contacts in and out on a daily basis. Additionally, I was noticing increased irritation which was very annoying. I didn’t want my irritated eyes to distract me while I was working. I’m a surgeon, so my eyes are pretty important. I kept thinking to myself how amazing it would be to just open my eyes and see clearly! I was also worried about a zombie apocalypse that could come and I wanted to be prepared with perfect vision. Finding contacts or glasses under those conditions would hurt my chances of survival 😊

Q: What was the deciding factor that Dr. Mozayeni was the right surgeon your you?

A: I asked my ophthalmologist friends who they thought was the best.

After about the fifth doctor, and with a unanimous vote, I knew he was the one.

Garrett's Life After LASIK

Q: You will be celebrating your 2-year LASIK anniversary in December 2021. Now that you look back, was it a good decision?

A: It was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. It truly is a blessing, and I just can’t believe that there is a procedure to restore your perfect vision.

Q: What aspect of your life changed most dramatically after LASIK?

My level of comfort while performing surgery has improved significantly. I am also hoping that by not dragging my lower eyelid down to put contacts in and out, that I may save myself from having to get cosmetic lower eyelid rejuvenation!

Q: When you are not working, what do you like to do with your new and improved vision?

A: I love watching my kids play sports.

Q: And what’s your favorite brand of sunglasses?

A: Persol if I’m trying to be fancy and Goodr if I’m just messing around town.

Learn More About LASIK

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