As a registered nurse who lives in Matthews, NC working in Quality Management at a large medical organization here in Charlotte, NC, Nicole had high expectations when it came to finding the right doctor for LASIK eye surgery. She was not disappointed when she selected Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists.

Like many of us, Nicole is a busy working mom, who takes “busy” to a new level! She had three kids when she started looking into LASIK eye surgery, with her youngest being just a few weeks old. At the time, her two older kids, who were then just six and seven years old, were getting more and more involved in sports. Nicole was starting to get frustrated because she could not see them on the field. Since Nicole could not wear contacts, she was beginning to feel like the “sunglasses on top of regular glasses” was a fashion faux pas. “There must be a better solution”, she thought. It was time for her to schedule a consultation for LASIK eye surgery.

Many people had actually discouraged Nicole from getting a LASIK consultation because her astigmatism was so high. Nicole decided she needed to find out for herself and visit an actual LASIK expert. After all, it was a free consultation, so she had nothing to lose. It turns out that it was actually one of the best decisions of her life. Although Nicole was not a straightforward case, Dr. Mozayeni knew from his vast experience that he could deliver her an optimal outcome; and he did! He performed Nicole’s LASIK eye surgery in July of 2014.

When asked what the best part was after having LASIK eye surgery, Nicole struggled to find just one answer. She highlighted a few for us:

  • She could easily get to her baby in the middle of the night without having to search for her glasses.
  • She could actually see her children when she got in the water with them at their toddler swim lessons.
  • She could see the clock all the way on her husband’s side of the bed.
Having LASIK eye surgery has affected every aspect of my life in a positive way

She is pictured here with Dr. Mozayeni in May 2015 when she came in for a routine post-op exam. Now with 20/20 vision, Nicole gushed about her results and wonderful experience.

Everyone took the time to answer all of my questions, but never pressured me. They let me make my own decision.

Reflecting back, Nicole really appreciated Providence Eye’s honest, straight forward approach when it came to pricing, payment and financing options. She also appreciated that her time was respected and she never had to wait. Nicole felt she was treated with kid gloves during the entire experience.

"It was so good it made me want to work here! Everyone was kind and friendly. You knew the office was busy, but it didn’t feel that way. I never felt like I was on an assembly line."

Smiling from ear to ear, Nicole left her post-op appointment at Providence Eye wearing a brand new pair of Maui Jim sunglasses saying, “No more sunglasses and glasses for this busy mom!”, I would be personally willing to drive anyone to your practice so that they could have LASIK eye surgery done by Dr. Mozayeni.”

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