As a mom or mom-to-be, the safety of your baby is always our number one priority. So, when it comes to making decisions about medically necessary and elective procedures, we must take your “mom status” into consideration. Dr. Mozayeni, Founder and LASIK surgeon at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, is not only a veteran LASIK surgeon (20+ years) but he is also a dad, and the well-being of his wife and children is always a priority. Here is his professional opinion on these frequently asked questions.

Can I Have LASIK Surgery While I Am Pregnant?

Dr. Mozayeni recommends you do not have LASIK surgery while you are pregnant. Here are the primary reasons why:

  1. Women’s bodies go through a great deal of hormonal change during pregnancy, which can affect your vision, usually temporarily, and/or decrease tear production.
  2. A light sedative is recommended on the day of LASIK eye surgery, and this would not be suitable for a pregnant woman.
  3. The end result of LASIK eye surgery is less predictable for pregnant women due to hormonal changes. Dr. Mozayeni feels that you should make this investment in yourself when you have the highest probability of having an optimal, long-lasting result.

Can I Have LASIK Surgery While I Am Nursing?

If during your complimentary LASIK consultation, Dr. Mozayeni finds you to be an ideal LASIK candidate, then he can approve you to go forward with LASIK surgery while nursing. However, if PRK, an alternative to LASIK, is recommended, then Dr. Mozayeni will recommend you defer your vision correction surgery until you are done nursing. The primary reason for this is the eye drops that are used post-operatively for PRK can be passed from mother to nursing child, and these drops are not suitable for infants or children.

The convenience and reassurance of being able to find your baby in the middle of the night, free of glasses is amazing. But it is important to time your LASIK eye surgery either before becoming pregnant or at least one month after returning to a normal menstrual cycle to allow your hormones to return to normal. Remember – LASIK is about your eyes but taking your whole body’s health into consideration is mission-critical to having a long-lasting, optimal result.

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