By Dr. Trey Nunnery, Board Certified Ophthalmologist & Fellowship Trained Cornea Specialist at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists

In the world of vision correction, technological advancements continue to offer promising solutions for those seeking freedom from glasses and contact lenses. One such revolutionary option is the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL). As a refractive surgeon at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact this procedure can have on patients' lives. In this blog, we'll delve into how long EVO ICL lasts and explore its myriad benefits.

Understanding EVO ICL

EVO ICL, or Implantable Collamer Lens, is an advanced form of vision correction designed to treat moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Unlike LASIK, which reshapes the cornea, EVO ICL involves placing a biocompatible lens between the iris and the natural lens. This lens works in harmony with your eye's natural structures, providing clear, sharp vision.

Longevity of EVO ICL

One of the most common questions patients ask about EVO ICL is, "How long does EVO ICL last?" The answer is reassuring: EVO ICL is designed to be a long-term, even permanent, solution. The lens is made from Collamer, a unique material that is both biocompatible and durable, and it is well tolerated by the eye and resistant to degradation over time.


Collamer is composed of collagen, a naturally occurring protein in the body. This material makes the lens highly compatible with the eye, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring that the lens can remain in place for many years without causing discomfort or complications.


The Collamer material is known for its stability and longevity. It does not break down or degrade within the eye. So, the answer to, “How long does EVO ICL last?” is that it can potentially last a lifetime. Additionally, the design and placement of the EVO ICL allow for excellent long-term performance, maintaining clear vision for decades.

Long-Term Care and Maintenance

Although the EVO ICL is designed to be a permanent solution, it is important for patients to continue with regular eye examinations. These checkups ensure that the lens remains in good condition and that the eye’s overall health is monitored. In rare cases, if any issues arise, the lens can be removed or replaced, providing an additional layer of safety and reassurance.

Benefits of EVO ICL

The benefits of EVO ICL extend beyond its longevity. This procedure offers many advantages, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking vision correction.

1. Exceptional Visual Quality:

Compared to other vision correction options, EVO ICL provides outstanding visual clarity. Patients often report experiencing “high definition” vision, with reduced halos and glare, which is particularly beneficial for activities such as night driving.

2. Versatility in Treating High Prescriptions:

For individuals with high degrees of myopia or astigmatism, EVO ICL can achieve results that are often beyond the capabilities of LASIK. EVO ICL can treat -20.0 diopters! This makes it an excellent option for those who may have been told they are not candidates for other types of vision correction surgery.

3. Preserving the Cornea:

Since EVO ICL does not involve removing corneal tissue, the structural integrity of the cornea is preserved. This is particularly advantageous for patients with thin corneas or those who may have conditions that make cornea reshaping less desirable.

4. Immediate Results and Quick Recovery:

Patients often notice a significant improvement in their vision almost immediately after the procedure. The recovery time is typically short, with most individuals resuming their normal activities the next day!

5. Reversible and Upgradable:

One unique advantage of EVO ICL is its reversibility. If necessary, the lens can be removed or replaced with an updated prescription lens, providing flexibility if your vision needs change over time.

6. UV Protection:

The Collamer material naturally absorbs UV rays, providing additional protection for your eyes against the harmful effects of the sun. This built-in feature helps reduce the risk of UV-related eye conditions.


EVO ICL represents a significant advancement in vision correction technology. If you're wondering, “How long does EVO ICL last?” rest assured that its durability and biocompatibility ensure it can provide long-lasting, clear vision, making it a permanent solution for many patients. From exceptional visual quality to preserving the cornea, numerous benefits make EVO ICL a compelling option for those seeking to free themselves from the constraints of glasses and contact lenses.

If you're now considering, “How long does EVO ICL last?” rest assured that its longevity and effectiveness make it a top choice for vision correction.

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions like EVO ICL to help our patients achieve their best possible vision. If you're contemplating vision correction surgery and want to explore whether EVO ICL is right for you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me to determine if you are an ideal candidate. Together, we can embark on the journey to clearer, sharper vision and a better quality of life.

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