We value our patients and truly appreciate our patients’ business and loyalty. Here are a few reasons why we make the cost of contacts more affordable for our patients, which is why we hope you will purchase your contact lenses with us versus from outside retailers:

  • With us, the cost of contacts is competitively priced as we can offer additional savings with rebates when available.
  • Free shipping with an annual supply purchase.
  • We offer a generous exchange policy on unopened, unexpired or unmarked boxes if your prescription should change
  • Free trial lens if you should tear a lens or need lens to get you by until your ordered lenses arrive.

The Simple Process & Setup Costs of Contacts

You will need a complete eye examination. If you choose to wear contact lenses, you will need to have a contact lens evaluation in addition to the general eye care exam. The contact lens evaluation ensures the contacts fit well on your eyes and provide good vision. A separate contact lens evaluation fee is charged for this additional service beyond a complete eye examination, and typically this is not covered by insurance.
After your general eye care and contact lens exam, you will be fit with and given a pair of trial contact lenses and educated on the proper care and handling of contacts. If adjustments are needed to provide a healthier fit or improved vision, a new trial pair will be given to you. Your prescription will be valid for one year and you may order an annual supply at the time of your visit.

Cutting Down the Cost of Contacts: Buy an Annual Supply

We encourage all of our patients who want contacts, to consider buying an annual supply. Here are some reasons why buying an annual supply cuts down on the cost of contacts:

  • Cost of contacts is less when purchasing an annual supply versus purchasing one box at a time
  • Money-back rebates
  • Ships free directly to you
  • Only need to purchase lenses one time a year – convenient!
  • Regularly changing lenses to avoid over-wearing and eye health issues – you won’t run out!
  • We will exchange unopened, unexpired, or unmarked contact boxes if your prescription changes

Contact us to schedule a comprehensive general eye care exam and contact lens fitting with our amazing optometrist, Dr. Vanessa Mills.