Name: Megan Hovis
Originally From: Milton, Vermont
Currently Lives: Charlotte, NC
Years in Charlotte: 12 Years

Meet our latest patient on the blog, Megan Hovis. She’s an avid runner, who couldn’t wait to have her LASIK procedure done, so she could run with more freedom! Read her testimonial to learn more about her and her LASIK experience with Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye!

Q: Thanks so much for talking to us about your experience at Providence Eye! Before we get into the details about your LASIK surgery, we’d love to get to know you a little better. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: Sure! I have a husband, Ben and a four-year-old son, Chase. We live here in Charlotte, but I grew up in Vermont. I work as a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer with UpGrade Lifestyle, Inc., although it really doesn’t feel like work to me! Being healthy along with running is, and always has been a huge part of my life, so I’m so happy to help others find ways to enjoy being healthy, too!

Running Made Easier After LASIK Surgery

Q: We love to hear when people love what they do! We certainly love our jobs here at Providence Eye. It’s wonderful to be able to help people see better every day. What aspect of your life would you say changed most dramatically after LASIK?
A: My running has really improved since I had my LASIK surgery in February of 2018, as I no longer trip on sidewalks or roots on the trails. I also spend much less time getting ready for my run in the wee hours of the morning, as I no longer have to worry about contacts! I've also found that the headaches I used to get almost daily from dry contact lenses have completely gone away.

Q: That’s great to hear! Contacts can often be bothersome for people, so not having to wear them anymore, I’m sure, is such a relief. Since you’re outside and running a lot, I’m sure you wear sunglasses - what are your favorite type of sunglasses to wear?
A My favorite sunglasses are Goodr running sunglasses. They are specially made for runners, and I was never able to get them before because they don’t make prescription variations. If something happened to my contacts, I would be stuck running with my regular prescription sunglasses, which were not great for running; now that’s something I don’t have to worry about!

Q: We’re glad that you feel so good about your surgery, Megan! What would you tell someone today who is considering LASIK with Dr. Mozayeni?
A: If somebody asked me if they should get LASIK, I would tell them 100% yes, and Dr. Mozayeni is the doctor to go to. It honestly is amazing and a life changer. Dr. Mozayeni makes you feel so comfortable and it is over in just a few short minutes. You will not regret it!

Life After LASIK: Lots of Running, Travel, and Time with Family

Q: Dr. Mozayeni works hard to ensure all his patients feel very comfortable in his office, and especially during the LASIK procedure, so we’re glad you felt that way! What do you like to do when you are not working?
A: When I am not working, I love running, enjoying time with my family and of course drinking coffee and watching the sun rise in the morning. I am a big morning person! I cherish that time I have to myself; it’s my favorite time of day to go for a run or just enjoy the peace and quiet. I also enjoy traveling. I’ve gone to some pretty incredible place and had really unique experiences - running the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia is one of my life highlights.

Q: That sounds like an amazing experience! Running has certainly inspired you to do some pretty incredible things!
A: It has! I also love traveling with my family back to my hometown, and the nearby area. One of my favorite things to do is stop by a little mom and pop ice cream store in New Hampshire for my absolute favorite ice cream – a homemade graham cracker crumble flavor, it’s so delicious!

Now that you’ve read how Megan’s running has improved after LASIK, contact us today to schedule your free LASIK consultation! Dr. Mozayeni and his team can’t wait to meet you.