[Dr. Mozayeni] put me at ease. He’s a super cool guy, super warm, not like a doctor with a negative vibe. A lot of regular doctors are kind of cold – this is not him. He’s super warm and treats you like a member of his own family.

Many of our patients are in awe of their LASIK surgery results and their experience at Providence Eye. This is attributed to how Dr. Mozayeni treats all of his patients – whether you’re a LASIK candidate or not. Our friend Riggins describes him as sweet and warm – that’s what we’re all looking for in a doctor, isn’t it?

Riggins’ LASIK Testimonial

You may know our friend Riggins from his “Week in Review” original songs on the Ace & TJ radio show, or maybe you have seen him out and about at a Jimmy Buffett concert – he’s a huge fan. Along with his love for music and his job, do you know what else Riggins is a big fan of? LASIK surgery at Providence Eye.

That’s right – one of your favorite radio show personalities is a Providence Eye patient and has been living glasses and contacts free for six years now! Take a look at Riggins’ LASIK testimonial to learn about his LASIK surgery journey, what life looks like without lenses.

Life After LASIK Surgery

Just like you heard in his LASIK testimonial, six years ago Riggins was bound to glasses and contacts because of his poor vision and hated the inconvenience of having to carry around his contacts and glasses. Now? His vision is 20/15 and he is proudly glasses and contacts free.

So, if you’re wearing glasses or contacts and you’re over that lifestyle, consider having LASIK, it’s the best investment you can make in yourself, and it’s affected every aspect of my life in a positive way.

If you are excited to learn more about what your life could look like after LASIK surgery, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!