When it comes to LASIK eye surgery, updated technology use is vital for a comfortable and successful procedure. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we utilize the state-of-the art FDA-approved technology that has proven itself to provide outstanding outcomes for the widest range of LASIK patients. Our patients undergo laser vision correction procedures that provide increased accuracy and improved patient safety and comfort. Let’s discuss a few examples of such technology, and the benefits our patients enjoy.

The Pentacam

Providence Eye was one of the first Charlotte area LASIK practices to introduce the Pentacam, a complete corneal mapping system. Considered a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, the Pentacam replaces an older technology called the Orbscan. The Pentacam’s largest benefit surrounds its ability to more accurately determine corneal thickness at multiple points, an area where the Orbscan fell short. In many cases, proper micro imagining of corneal thickness is integral to deeming someone a suitable LASIK patient, as many individuals cannot have LASIK eye surgery if their corneal tissue is too thin.

Pentacam benefits also include the delivery of quality feedback on corneal topography features including shape, contour and structural integrity. This impressive piece of technology measures up to 25,000 elevation points on a patient’s cornea in a mere 5 seconds.

The WaveLight™ Allegretto Eye-Q Laser

This revolutionary excimer laser is one of the fastest, most predictable LASIK eye surgery lasers available in the United States. Being one of the more recently FDA-approved lasers, Wavefront LASIK procedures feature superior technological advancements for most farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism correction surgeries. The Allegretto Eye-Q Laser offers faster, improved eye tracking, utilizing three infrared monitoring cameras that track eye movement during LASIK procedures at an impressive rate of 400 frames/second. This top speed places the Allegretto Eye-Q laser (image below) at the forefront of corneal reshaping devices, especially when compared to devices that only offer 60-200 frames/second tracking.

Able to complete corneal reshaping in as little as eight seconds, the Wavefront LASIK advancements we have implemented greatly benefit eye surgery patients. Increased device flexibility, improved laser calibration, larger optical zone production and maximized precision delivers superior accuracy while reducing the risk of glare and night vision issues more common with older laser technology.

The WaveLight™ FS 200 Laser

Used to create an all-laser, blade-free corneal flap in Providence Eye LASIK procedures, the WaveLight FS200 laser offers patients a truly customized procedure. Currently the only LASIK eye surgeon in the region to offer WaveLight FS200 use, Dr. Mozayeni effectively creates corneal flaps that provide minimum overall risk to patients. As one of the most recently FDA-approved lasers, the WaveLight FS200 delivers premium technology that eliminates the need for a blade-created flap and lowers chances for post-op dry eye symptoms. Used in conjunction with the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q laser, the FS 200 provides Dr. Mozayeni with state-of-the-art laser technology that allows Providence Eye to provide all laser blade-free LASIK procedures. Deploying the WaveLight FS200 laser signified the largest technological upgrade Providence Eye had experienced in 10 years, making our office the only one in the Charlotte, NC area to offer such advanced technology in LASIK eye surgeries.