At Providence Eye, one of our favorite things to do is celebrate the LASIK anniversaries of our satisfied patients. Today is one of those days, as we wish our patient, Amanda, a happy 3-year LASIK anniversary! Here’s Amanda’s vision correction experience with us.

Amanda’s Providence Eye LASIK Journey

Three years ago, Maney’s wife, Amanda, from the KISS 95.1 Maney, Roy and Lauren Morning Show came to see Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye for LASIK vision correction.

Watch Maney and Amanda discuss Amanda’s post-LASIK surgery experience with Dr. Mozayeni:

Why Amanda Chose Providence Eye For Her Vision Correction

Before Amanda scheduled her initial consultation in 2015, Maney and Amanda both researched Charlotte laser eye surgeons, making it their top priority to find Amanda the best and most reputable LASIK surgeon.

With the most advanced technology in the area (and even US market), Providence Eye quickly became Maney and Amanda’s pick for LASIK eye surgery. Fast forward to Amanda’s 3-year LASIK anniversary, Providence Eye continues to provide patients with the most advanced LASIK technology in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

But more than just our advanced diagnostic equipment and lasers, Dr. Mozayeni and his team put the quality of patient care at the top of our list. While having the most advanced technology is a critical component for LASIK success, Providence Eye’s surgeon, Dr. Mozayeni, is what is the differentiating factor. What pulls it all together is the exceptional patient care by our professional, friendly team that ensures our patients have the best LASIK experience possible.

The Providence Eye Difference

You get that kind of service from day one, and they really make you feel like you matter, and that’s one of the most important things.

With Maney and Amanda’s affirmation, Dr. Mozayeni explains that while the procedure itself is very short (around 10 minutes) the patient’s consultation and pre-surgery instructions are never rushed or limited to a certain time. The ultimate goal is patient comfort and satisfaction.

Providence Eye patient care is given as much time necessary, ensuring everything is absolutely perfect before proceeding to surgery. Once patients progress to surgery, the LASIK procedure takes about 10 minutes – it’s that quick and that easy to be our patient!

Amanda said that her Providence Eye LASIK experience was surprisingly quick. During the procedure, the staff put numbing drops in her eyes, so that she did not experience any discomfort and gave her stress balls to take her mind off of things. Amanda explained that Dr. Mozayeni and his team talked her through the entire LASIK surgery process, which made her feel at ease.

Jumpstart Your Providence Eye LASIK Anniversary

Before Maney and Amanda left, Maney asked Dr. Mozayeni a very important (and fun) question in relation to his outstanding patient care and LASIK specialization, “Dr. Mozayeni, you’re not going to retire anytime soon, are you?”

To ease the minds of all of our future patients who are interested in getting LASIK at Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni’s answer is the same today as it was to Maney’s question three years ago, “Ohhhh nooo!” (answered with a big smile and a laugh).

Invested in the Charlotte community, Dr. Mozayeni looks forward to celebrating many more years of LASIK eye surgery anniversaries with his current and future patients. If you want a reason to celebrate vision correction, like our patient Amanda schedule a free LASIK consultation. Please contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you!