You have most likely seen ads online or heard ads on the radio advertising discount LASIK eye surgery. “$1,000 off LASIK!” or “LASIK as low as $299/eye!” are some of the most popular discount LASIK advertisements right now. You may have even see a "groupon" for LASIK surgery! It is very important to not let price determine where you will have your LASIK eye surgery. Because all these discount LASIK ads can be confusing, we are here to help you figure out how to make the right decision when choosing a LASIK provider in Charlotte.

Tips to Consider When Evaluation Discount LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Read the fine print and ask for specifics about the LASIK discount. Ask how you will receive $1,000 off.
  • Ask what type of technology is used for this . Some LASIK practices still perform blade LASIK as opposed to all-laser LASIK which is the current standard of care.
  • Ask how they determine the price of LASIK. You may have to pay more if you have a high prescription and even more if you have astigmatism.
  • Ask what would your price be without the coupon for . "Regular" LASIK price is often inflated for coupon offers.

Select a LASIK Surgeon You Trust

When it comes down to it, your decision on where to have LASIK needs to be based on the surgeon. Ask yourself the following questions before scheduling your surgery.

  • Can I trust the LASIK surgeon?
  • Is the surgeon specialized in his or her field?
  • Does the surgeon truly care about me as a person?

How to Pay for LASIK

Can you really put a price on your eyes? Of course, you need to be able to pay for it. This may mean you have to get creative when it comes to paying for your LASIK eye surgery. Below are a few ideas.

All LASIK practices in Charlotte have different pricing structures. Before you are wooed by a discount or a coupon to pay for LASIK, think about what is truly important to you!

If you are ready to take the first step to seeing more and living better, contact Providence Eye & Laser Specialists at our Charlotte, NC office to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation with Dr. Mozayeni. We will be happy to explain our simple pricing structure – which is NOT dependent on your prescription or if you have astigmatism. You need to know that we do not have LASIK coupons, sales or offer any type of discount LASIK. After all, these are your eyes we are talking about and we do not think we should discount that.