From our post on researching and utilizing doctor reviews, we talked about various places to find ratings and the types of information they provided. After finding and visiting your physician’s office, you may want to write a doctor review and share your own opinions. So, locate a review site that you found helpful from your own research and give your personal feedback! The following steps will help you get started:

Write a Doctor Review in 7 Steps

  1. Log in or create an account for doctor review sites. If you have not written a doctor review before, you might have to create a new user account on sites like Healthgrades. Websites like Google allow you to log in with your existing social media accounts without creating separate accounts solely for their site. In addition to Google and Healthgrades, other great places to write reviews include the practice’s Facebook page, Yelp, or a survey you receive from the practice.
  2. Determine your main theme and overall opinion.
  3. Provide plenty of detail when you write a review on a doctor. When writing your review, be sure to include descriptive information that will help create visual images of your experience. Describe the atmosphere of the office and the personalities of the doctors and staff. Offer insights about your feelings throughout the visit. Define how you selected your healthcare provider and why you would or would not go back. Was it the expertise, the patient care, or the trust level that ultimately determined your final decision?
  4. Use an informal tone. Be conversational with your audience in your reviews. A natural tone will make for an easy-to-read doctor review that your audience can understand.
  5. Compare and contrast. Making comparisons to other types of common situations when you write a review on a doctor can also help your opinions become more relevant to readers. What else was your experience like that might better define your standpoint? Even if your rating topic is not like other medical visits, comparing and contrasting it to something else similar is a great way to make a connection.
  6. Write about the experience. Remember, ratings and reviews are about the doctor or medical center that you recently visited. Don't feel pressured to include information that you are not comfortable sharing. There are no strict content requirements or guidelines that you must follow to share your feedback. Most doctors are happy to know you care enough to share.
  7. When you write a review on a doctor, be sure to proofread. Glancing over your review before posting will ensure you stayed on topic and communicated your opinion clearly.

Happy reviewing!