Whether you're a parent, a young professional, an athlete in training, always on the road working, or all of the above, you may not think you have time for laser eye surgery. The good news is, you can have laser eye surgery and be right back to driving for your carpool, hopping on a plane for that business trip, getting that workout in, or just reporting to work as necessary as early as the very next day.

There are three parts of your laser eye surgery that you need to dedicate time for:

  1. Your Consultation
  2. Your Laser Eye Surgery Day
  3. Your Recovery

Your Consultation

Believe it or not, your consultation period will be the longest time period you will need to dedicate to get laser eye surgery. It is also the most important from both Dr. Mozayeni’s and the patient’s perspectives. The complimentary laser eye surgery consultation with Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye will take about two and a half hours. Why does it take that long? It is the process of evaluating your vision, the health of your eyes, and analyzing the structural integrity of your cornea to see if it can be reshaped to give you that best vision possible after your laser eye surgery – to make sure all safety measures are taken, no stone is left unturned during this process. Dr. Mozayeni wants to ensure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure and that you will have a long-lasting optimal outcome.

Your Laser Eye Surgery Day

The day of your laser eye surgery is an exciting day and a much shorter one than your consultation. So, how long does laser eye surgery take? The estimated time you need to schedule for your laser eye surgery is only 1 hour and 30 minutes. Your time in the laser suite is only about 10 minutes! Yes, in 10 minutes, Dr. Mozayeni can correct your vision, but he can only do this with an optimal result because of all the homework he did during the consultation, his experience, skill, and his FDA-approved state-of-the-art technology. This surgery will be unique to you, as your corneas are like your fingerprint - unique to you.

Your Recovery Time

Your recovery starts as soon as you leave Providence Eye. Dr. Mozayeni asks that you go home and take a long nap, about 4 hours. This will get you through the typically mild burning and itching that can follow your surgery. When you wake up, you will feel better and already see an improvement in your vision. You’ll want to plan on a low-key night immediately after your laser eye surgery. The next morning you will have your first post-op appointment with Dr. Mozayeni, which should only take 15 minutes. Once Dr. Mozayeni checks your vision and confirms that your corneas are healing properly, he will clear you to drive and go back to most of your normal daily activities.

Your Providence Eye consultation is good for one year! But, If you desire and plan appropriately, you can have your consultation and your surgery all in one week. If you are the researching type who likes to take a night (or a few weeks or months) to sleep it over, we have good news - Providence Eye will not pressure you into getting laser eye surgery. We recognize that this is a personal decision, and we are available to answer all of your questions so that you can make the right decision for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop asking, “How long does laser eye surgery take?” and schedule a complimentary consultation today. You really do have time for laser eye surgery. Schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation with Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye and start to see more and live better.