Name: Bill Clemens

Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

Years in the Charlotte area: 12 years

Q: Hi Bill! We are so excited to hear all about your life, post-laser eye surgery! There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our satisfied LASIK patients, but before we do, can you tell us a little about your family life here in Fort Mill, SC and what’s your favorite thing to do with them? A: I live with my wife, Chelsea, daughter, Cora, and two pups named Barkley and Baxter in Fort Mill, SC. As I’m sure you know, schedules can be busy, so I honestly enjoy spending our family time, doing whatever we can, as often as we can.
Q: We can totally relate to the busy schedules in both our personal and professional lives! Speaking of your professional life, what do you do for work? A: I work for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office training new employees.

After 15 Years of Glasses, It Was Time for Laser Eye Surgery

Q: So Bill, our patients come to us for multiple different reasons, but all of our patients have dealt with the hassle of contact lenses, glasses, or both. Prior to your laser eye surgery, did you wear contacts or glasses? For how many years? A: I was a glasses wearer for 15 years.

I’ve suffered from dry eyes for years, so I was unable to wear contacts, since they hurt and irritated my dry eyes.

Q: If I’m doing the math correctly, you had LASIK around 7 years ago (in 2011). Back then, was it a difficult decision for you to have laser eye surgery?

A: Honestly – no! It was a very simple decision to go through with my LASIK once I met Dr. Mozayeni and his team at Providence Eye.

Bill’s Life After LASIK – Glasses Free

Q: Life after LASIK means no more glasses for you, Bill. What do you enjoy most today with your new and improved vision?

A: It may sound pretty simple, but it’s a little life luxury you don’t get to enjoy when you are restricted to glasses 24/7. I just enjoy getting to wear my sunglasses and being able to see everything clearly.

Q: That’s what we love to hear! Anything that makes our patient’s daily life more enjoyable – it’s why we do what we do, here at Providence Eye. Is there any specific activity or hobby you’re able to enjoy more glasses-free, post-laser eye surgery?

A: I get to enjoy going to see 3D movies now!

Q: Aside from your 3D glasses you can now wear with ease, what are your favorite brand of sunglasses?

A: I like both Under Armour and Oakley sunglasses.

Q: As someone in law enforcement, do you think that laser eye surgery has helped you in your line of work?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Having LASIK has been a very big asset in my profession, and I think more law enforcement officers should look into it for themselves.

Q: Well Bill, if you have any law enforcement officers who would like to learn more about LASIK, you know right where to send them. Regardless of professions, what would you tell someone today who is considering LASIK with Dr. Mozayeni?

A: Go see Dr. Mozayeni!!!

If you are considering LASIK or are in the early phases of researching laser eye surgery, we’d love for you to come in and chat with us! As our patient Bill Clemens mentioned, aside from the obvious benefits of having LASIK, like living life glasses/contacts free, LASIK can extend its benefits into your professional life, giving patients the best possible vision for each new day on the job. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation to learn more!