Now that you are enjoying your great vision after laser vision correction surgery you may think you never need to go to the eye doctor again since you can see fine…not so! There are two key reasons you should have annual general eye care exams after your LASIK procedure:

  • Many LASIK practices require an annual general eye care exam to maintain your enhancement policy. Often times this eye exam does not have to be with the same practice that performed your LASIK procedure. You can have an annual eye exam with a general eye care doctor conveniently located near you and/or in your insurance network and then have the results sent to your LASIK surgeon.
  • Just because you have 20/20 vision does not necessarily indicate the health of your eye is perfect, too. Annual eye exams are strongly encouraged to look for:
    • Glaucoma or macular degeneration - In the early stages of these potentially blinding diseases, you may not have any symptoms, but early detection can be vital in helping to slow the progression and to help prevent permanent vision loss.
    • Freckles in the eye or thinning of the retina - Two examples of conditions that need to be monitored each year to ensure your eyes stay healthy and maintain good vision.
    • Undetected diseases - Conditions happening in your body, like undetected or uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes, can be spotted in your retina. Getting an annual eye exam can help detect diseases earlier and ultimately save your life.

The list really goes on and on with the links of all of the systemic conditions that an annual eye exam can screen. Not only are “your eyes the window to the soul,” but your eyes are the window to the rest of your body.

Watch for our new blog series in 2016 where we address diseases that can be diagnosed during your annual general eye care exam.

Are you due for an annual eye exam? Contact us today! Dr. Vanessa Mills is currently accepting new patients over the age of 10.