Have you ever looked in the mirror and the reflection staring back at you was not quite what you remember? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Droopy eyelids may be the first change that you notice as the days quickly turn into years; but what can you do about it?

There may be an easy solution for those droopy eyelids or you may need a surgical option, and to help make that determination the first step is have an evaluation by a reputable ophthalmic plastic surgeon. Yes, that’s an eye doctor who is specifically trained to do plastic surgery around the eyes. Dr. Valerie H. Chen is the ophthalmic plastic surgeon at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. But what are the potential solutions for droopy eyelids?

Topical Products for Droopy Eyelids

There may be a few different options for droopy eyelids, starting with the least invasive: topical products. Upneeq® is a prescription eyedrop specifically designed to treat “low-lying lids” in adults. It works by forcing the eye muscle to contract by widening and “lifting” the eyelids temporarily, giving the appearance of a nice, refreshed look. This may be a good first step in your journey and it is best discussed with Dr. Chen.

T Mini-Chemical Brow Lift

Another option for droopy eyelids that does not require a surgical procedure but is a little more involved than an eye drop is a “mini-chemical” brow lift. This is done by using cosmetic injections in strategic areas along the brow area, blocking certain nerve signals that make the muscles contract. This relaxes the muscles that pull the brow area downward and allows the upward-pulling muscles to keep working. Even though it does not fix the droopy lids permanently, it helps achieve a more youthful look and will last as long as the toxin remains active, usually about three months according to Dr. Chen.

Eyelid Surgery

Of course, if all other options have been exhausted, you may be to the point of wanting or needing to have a surgical procedure to actually lift the brow area, remove excess skin, or both. This can be done in an outpatient setting with very little discomfort and requires only slight downtime. Depending on the severity of the Ptosis (the medical term for droopy eyelids), some insurance companies may help offset the cost. During your evaluation with Dr. Chen, she and her team will test your field of vision, take photos, educate you on options that will accomplish your visual and aesthetic goals, and finally discuss an appropriate action plan and timeline. Once you have decided to start your journey, it will be a very “eye-opening” experience!

If you are ready to explore options to manage your droopy eyelids, contact us and schedule your evaluation with Dr. Chen.

Looking for a Solution for Your Droopy Eyelids?

Schedule a Lid evaluation with Dr. Chen to learn what non-surgical or maybe surgical options will help you achieve your goals.