We asked Dr. Vanessa Mills, Optometrist at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, “Why do your patients get better care from you at Providence Eye than somewhere else?” Continue reading to find out what Dr. Mills had to share about what makes Providence Eye a preferred comprehensive eye care choice in Charlotte, NC.

Although all optometrists (ODs) come out of school equally trained, I have found that working at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, a cornea refractive surgery practice and eye care center in Charlotte, to be slightly advantageous in the care and treatment of my patients.

Comprehensive Eye Care Services

The first reason why Providence Eye tends to be a more comprehensive eye care center in Charlotte than most is due to our advanced technology. The Pentacam is the sophisticated topographer we use that maps the cornea. Mapping your cornea is similar to taking a finger print picture of the front surface of the eye. Most general eye exams do not include this detailed approach. Why is it good for the patient to receive this comprehensive eye care exam? Eye diseases in their infant stages can very readily be detected with this type of technology, more so than using more basic topographers. Additionally, I am able to follow carefully and with great accuracy corneal diseases such as Keratoconus, which can tend to be progressive and worsen vision over time.

Comprehensive Eye Care Patient Benefits

Secondly, at Providence Eye, each patient can be assured they are receiving proactive healthcare recommendations. I’ve learned that often times many conditions in the eye, especially the cornea, can correlate to what is happening with the rest of the patient’s body, such as other diseases that may be coinciding. Frequently this leads to corresponding with other health care professionals to better manage a patient’s systemic condition that ultimately helps to control their ocular symptoms as well. At Providence Eye, the level of comprehensive eye care we provide helps to identify these other symptoms, so that we can recommend the best eye care options for our patients.

An Eye Care Center with Individualized Care

Lastly, Providence Eye is a preferred eye care center, in my professional opinion, because of the time we devote to our patients. Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is not a large practice, and I am never measured by how many patients I see. I have the time to spend with my patients and offer them the best care. This also means you don’t waste your time sitting in our reception area, because practicing at a smaller eye care center means my schedule is never overbooked. This is good news for my patients and me!

If you are in need of great general eye care in Charlotte, please contact us to make an appointment with our optometrist Dr. Vanessa Mills.