Do you wonder what to expect with a LASIK consultation or wonder what happens during laser eye surgery? Tune into this fun, informative video animation that debunks LASIK myths, teaches you the basics of laser vision correction and demystifies the process of undergoing the laser eye surgery procedure. In just two minutes, you can get answers to many FAQs about LASIK, including:

  • What should I expect during the LASIK consultation?
  • How long is the laser eye surgery procedure?
  • What happens during laser eye surgery?
  • What happens if I move my eyes?
  • Does laser eye surgery hurt?
  • What is the recovery time after laser eye surgery?

This video covers many common concerns, while discussing Providence Eye & Laser Specialists’ use of state-of-the-art, FDA-approved LASIK technology and our dedication to excellent patient care.

The Trouble-Free Truth About Laser Eye Surgery

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Now that you know what to expect during your LASIK consultation, and what happens during laser eye surgery, schedule a free LASIK consultation today with Providence Eye’s Dr. Mozayeni by contacting our office. He’ll personally let you know if you are a great LASIK candidate. Your eyes will thank you!

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