LASIK eye surgery is life changing - there’s no doubt about that. The whole world is clearer; although there may be a few things we wish we couldn’t see as well (that first wrinkle, perhaps?). Below are some fun examples of things you can do or see for better (or for worse) after LASIK.

After LASIK, you can…

26. Get rid of those sports goggles.

27. Go to the beach instead of the optometrist.

28. Pursue a career as a professional cameraman.

29. Play with your dog instead of wrestling to get your glasses back from him.

30. Look forward to no one asking you to try on your glasses, then commenting “how weird” when they look through them.

31. Stop constantly adjusting and pushing your glasses up your nose.

32. Drink your coffee and tea without your glasses getting fogged up.

33. Wear all the latest styles in sunglasses because you don’t need a prescription pair.

34. Look comfortably through binoculars.

35. Beat your best friend at “I Spy.”

36. Sit in the back of the room, because you can see that presentation all the way up front.

37. Go on vacation without having to stop at the drug store when you get there because you forgot contact solution.

38. Beat your best time for getting up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and go back to bed.

39. See the street sign at that next intersection so you don’t miss your turn.

40. Enjoy springtime instead of worrying about allergens getting in your eyes with contact lenses in.

41. Be able to tell that the thing in front of you on the running trail is a snake, not a stick.

42. Talk about the cute shoes you just got instead of your new glasses.

43. Forget worrying about having to take the time off of work to get a new prescription from the optometrist.

44. Fall asleep whenever you want on that long plane ride.

45. See what time it is when your alarm clock goes off in the morning.

46. Doze off in the middle of your long meeting without your eyes getting irritated.

47. Give your sweetheart a kiss without your glasses getting in the way.

48. Realize that those are little stains all over your carpet, not part of the design…

49. Enjoy a windy day at the beach instead of going back in to take out your contacts.

50. Go on a bird watching expedition.

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