LASIK eye surgery is life changing - there’s no doubt about that. The whole world is clearer; although there may be a few things we wish we couldn't see as well (that first wrinkle, perhaps?). Here are some fun examples of things you can do or see for better (or for worse) after LASIK.

After LASIK, you can...

  1. Fall asleep on the couch downstairs without having to take out your contacts.
  2. Get all of those little hairs while shaving you couldn’t see before.
  3. Go rock climbing without worrying about your glasses tumbling to the bottom.
  4. Ride your motorcycle without your contacts popping out or eyes drying out.
  5. Wear ski goggles without glasses.
  6. Jump in the car to run errands without having to put in your contacts.
  7. Watch a movie without having to find your glasses.
  8. See your kid score a goal in soccer from across the field.
  9. See how huge the audience is while doing that high-pressure presentation.
  10. Spot dolphins while at the beach.
  11. See the mold in between the tiles in your shower.
  12. Be honest with your friends that you really aren’t that smart - it was just the glasses.
  13. Splash and swim in the ocean or lake with your kids.
  14. Watch a 3-D movie.
  15. Tell the difference between the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower.
  16. Scuba dive or snorkel without a special mask.
  17. Open your eyes underwater in the pool.
  18. Read a book whenever.
  19. See all of those new wrinkles in the mirror.
  20. Read the menu in the restaurant, even the tiniest type.
  21. Pass DMV vision tests.
  22. Guiltily call someone else “four eyes” – they’ll never know.
  23. Get hours of your time back that you used to spend cleaning and changing lenses.
  24. Get dressed without worrying about whether or not your glasses match.
  25. Stop always worrying about where your glasses are.

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