“See it to believe it” is a phrase used in all areas of life, and at Providence Eye, we couldn’t agree more. The best way for us share our laser eye surgery outcomes and patient experiences with you, is for you to see them for yourself.

Why We Chose Solutionreach For Our Patient Review Service

Part of our commitment is to be the best at laser eye surgery, not the busiest and to provide a superior overall patient experience. Since 2003, Dr. Mozayeni has done just that, and the proof is in the pudding. When it comes to our reviews, we’re committed to showing you real, honest, unfiltered feedback from our patients. Many laser eye surgery practices use a special web application on their website to only show their 4- and 5-star patient reviews. At Providence Eye, we have nothing to hide, so we use Solutionreach. Solutionreach enables us to send a patient survey out to every patient automatically after his or her appointment. This process is performed completely independent of Providence Eye, and at no point from emailing the patient to posting the review online, can we intervene. That means when you see these reviews and read the comments they are from verified patients and most importantly, they are unfiltered and unedited.

The Truth About Laser Eye Surgery at Providence Eye

When it comes to laser eye surgery and vision correction, here is what some of our current patients at Providence Eye are saying (you can also check out these reviews directly on Solutionreach):

  • “From start to finish, the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. They answered any questions I had without hesitation. The service they provided was top notch and I am enjoying the new-found freedom of not having to wear glasses. I've had a very positive experience with Providence Eye and would recommend them to anyone looking for corrective surgery.” – David D. (Patient since 2018)
  • “I could not have asked for a better experience, from the first meeting with the doctor to 18 months later, they went above and beyond on follow up visits at no additional cost to myself. And the best part I'm glasses free now for 18 months with 20/15 vision!” – Michael S. (Patient since 2017)

We Heard It Through the Grapevine That…

While we highly value the positive feedback from our current patients, it is critical that we also show the same care and concern for our future and prospective laser eye surgery candidates. Here’s a look into some of our recent consultation feedback:

  • “I came to this office for a LASIK consultation. At first, I was nervous, but everyone was so friendly and helpful, I was at ease very quickly. All of my questions were answered, and I know without hesitation, should I choose to have this procedure done, I will be in good hands.” – Debbie D. (Patient since 2018)
  • “Very professional group of staff. I was impressed with how thorough the consultation appointment was. You actually see a doctor and have your eyes evaluated by twice to ensure they get it right. I will be coming back for lasik procedure and I am thrilled!” – Jessica M. (Patient since 2019)

While we think our staff and patient care is pretty darn incredible, we want you to see it and believe it for yourself! To see what all the talk is about, check out our recent Providence Eye reviews from current and prospective laser eye surgery and genery eye care patients on Solutionreach, a verified, unfiltered source for patient reviews.

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