October is a time for pumpkin pie, Halloween costumes and children trick or treating. However, in the midst of these festivities, it is important for families to remember eye safety.

The AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) has named October “Children’s Eye Safety” Month, aiming to increase safety precautions surrounding playtime and Halloween trick or treating. There are several simple steps parents and guardians can take that will help keep Halloween safe, fun and full of good memories.

Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Children’s Vision

1. Costumes

  • Be sure to purchase costumes that do not have sharp edges or long, pointy accessories that could harm the child or someone else. Ensuring your child’s Halloween costume is made of safe, flexible, breathable material is also very important for their general wellbeing during festivities.

2. Masks

  • If your child’s Halloween costume has a mask, make certain their vision is not impaired while wearing it. If a mask’s eyeholes are not large enough, parents can easily alter the mask, making sure their cuts do not produce any sharp corners.

3. Makeup

  • Many times, Halloween costumes for children include makeup. Be sure your miniature superheroes and vigilantes have hypoallergenic makeup that is kept away from the eyes and eyelids. For younger children who may not be able to keep from wiping their face and getting makeup in their eyes, parents should carry a damp cloth with them. This will cleanly take care of smudged or runny makeup.

4. Props

  • Halloween costumes are more fun with props! However, props shouldn’t be pointy, sharp or breakable. If your child’s costume just isn’t complete without a sword, light saber or magical wand, carry it for them while they trick or treat or interact with other children.

5. Fake Contacts

  • Unless prescribed by an eye care doctor, parents and guardians should not allow children to wear artificial contacts that are solely part of a Halloween costume. Wearing them puts the child at risk for corneal scratches, eye infections, swelling, eye pain or vision loss. If you or your child wants to wear fake/decorative contacts safely simply contact your eye care specialists and they can assist you.

This Halloween, make sure everyone has fun - safely. Remember to always protect your children's eyes and share these tips with friends who have children of their own. Their eyes will thank you! If you would like to learn more about general eye care, check out our other blog posts. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our office, contact us today.