Too often our interactions with doctors are fast and impersonal. That is not our philosophy here at Providence Eye! Our doctors are here to provide you with outstanding medical care but they also want to have a great relationship with each patient. We feel relationships are two-way streets. So, let’s get to know our newest doctor, Dr. Nunnery a little bit better! You likely know Dr. Nunnery joined Providence Eye in 2019, to be the lens surgeon specializing in cataract surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL). Dr. Nunnery maybe the right doctor for you if you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK or PRK. Below are ten fun and interesting facts about Dr. Nunnery – get to know him before your cataract evaluation!

10 Things To Know:

  1. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m happy to be close to home here in Charlotte.
  2. I majored in biology at University of Georgia – go dawgs!
  3. My favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee ice cream. In fact, you may find my wife and I at some of Charlotte’s great ice cream shops, like Jeni’s or Golden Cow!
  4. I’ve been eager to go hiking in New Zealand. I’ve traveled to nearby to Australia with my wife, Valerie, and absolutely loved every second of our trip. I’ve heard so many good things about New Zealand and would really look forward to seeing those incredible mountain vistas and mountain chalets.
  5. My father is a physician and growing up around him really made me want to be a doctor. In fact, he’s been a real mentor for me. I have very fond memories of going into the hospital as a kid and shadowing my father while he worked. I wanted to be just like him, and so I naturally gravitated towards medicine and surgery. In medical school, the finesse of cataract and refractive micro-surgery really captured my attention. I officially chose to be an ophthalmologist after a medical mission trip to Haiti when the devastating earthquake hit in 2010. My brother and I had been collecting reading glasses for the Georgia Lion’s Lighthouse and I was fortunate enough to have a couple of boxes to share with the community we served in Haiti. The immediate joy that people experience with improved vision prompted me to dedicate my life to becoming an ophthalmic surgeon and refractive vision correction specialist.
  6. My real name is Edwin Watson Nunnery III, but I go by Trey.
  7. I have one younger brother, Shockley, who is attending UVA MD/MBA school. We are about six and a half years apart and best friends.
  8. My mom is a dancer for the Atlanta Silver Classix Crew, a 50+ professional dance group that has been featured on multiple TV shows and regular performers for the Atlanta Hawks games. They have also been featured in various major hip-hop music videos.
  9. My wife, Valerie, is also an ophthalmologist and specializes in oculoplastics. We met as interns working at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. She never ceases to amaze me.
  10. Valerie and I are expecting our 1st child in March 2020
When is the last time that you went to a doctor and felt like you were really treated with respect and that the doctor really cared about you as a person? If you want to know that feeling then you need to go here. My wife and I both were treated with great respect and just great friendly service. We were very impressed with the staff and Dr. Nunnery. We were never rushed and all of our questions were answered in a way that we could understand. This was our first visit to Providence Eye & Laser Specialist, and we drove 50 miles to get there and I am happy to say that it was well worth the trip. We feel that we have now found a clinic that can meet all of our eye care needs. One more thing! We only had to wait 5 minutes pass our appointment time WOW!!

Joyce G. Patient since 2020

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