Spring is one of Charlotte’s most beautiful times of the year. Unfortunately, springtime can also be one of the worst times of year for many individuals, as there is an abundance of pollen, tree and grass allergens in the air. These irritants wreak havoc on those who suffer from seasonal spring allergies.

Ocular Allergy Symptoms

Common ocular allergy symptoms are itching, redness and puffiness. In many cases, over-the-counter eye drops either aren’t effective enough to control symptoms or sometimes can make it worse. Refrigerating brand name artificial tears before instilling them can help reduce some of the itching in mild cases. Frequently, allergy sufferers need prescription drops and/or oral medication to control the more moderate to severe cases. Typically, the majority of pollination reaches low levels by mid to late June, providing springtime allergy sufferers with some well-deserved relief.

Dr. Mills is a talented and experienced eye care specialist at Providence Eye who is currently accepting new patients over the age of 10 for general eye care, including ocular allergy management, contact lens prescriptions and diabetic eye care. If you are a springtime allergy sufferer, we invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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