Does this sound familiar – “Thank you for calling. Please listen to the following options as our menu has changed. Press 1 for X, Press 2 for Y”. Who knows how many options there might be! Well, not at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists.

At Providence Eye, YOU are important to us and your time is valuable, which is why we personally answer your call. Regardless of whether you call our toll-free number or our local Charlotte, NC number, a real person in our South Charlotte office will answer when you call during our normal business hours. No pressing numbers and no call center sales reps.

We believe that it is nearly impossible to offer the best patient experience for LASIK eye surgery when patients must navigate a phone tree or speak to a call center. Those practices are probably only interested in booking your appointment as soon as possible and moving on to the next call. At Providence Eye, we believe your experience with any medical practice starts with your very first phone call.

Ready to get the answers you need about LASIK eye surgery without frustrating automated attendants or call centers and to have your call answered by a real, friendly and professional person here in Charlotte, NC?

How Your LASIK Eye Surgery Experience Will Be Different with Providence Eye

To our team at Providence Eye, patient experience means everything. From the first time we answer a prospective patients’ call, to all of your post-op LASIK eye surgery appointments, we want to go the extra mile to ensure your experience is nothing but the best – and the exact opposite of a call center experience.

What to expect when you call our team for your LASIK eye surgery questions:

A Real-Life Human in Charlotte, NC

When you call our team at Providence Eye, you will receive a friendly greeting from a REAL person located in our South Charlotte office. When you’re considering such an important procedure, the last thing you want to do is have your questions answered (or lack thereof) by an automated recording.

We know that each LASIK eye surgery patient is unique and so are their questions, so you will always find a real human here at Providence Eye ready to help you. In fact, our team in our South Charlotte office answers ALL of your calls. Meet Gloria and Erin; two members of the Providence Eye team who will be the very ones to answer your future call!

Hold That Thought

Hold music. Love it or hate it? You might be wondering if you’ll be placed on hold when you call our office. The answer is, it depends.

Sometimes we place our prospective patients on hold, so we can get you to the person who can best answer your questions. But don’t worry – you won’t find any bad elevator music at Providence Eye if you are placed on a brief hold. We’ll leave that to the call centers.

Instead, you’ll receive an informative and educational message from our LASIK eye surgery specialist and surgeon, Dr. Reza Mozayeni, while on hold.

For us, it’s simple. We want to deliver an exceptional experience to our prospective and current patients at every level. By providing this level of customer service from the onset, we are able to build trust and form relationships with our patients, so that their LASIK eye surgery experience is worry-free!

Ready to begin a LASIK eye surgery experience that is beyond ordinary? Then start by placing the call and speaking with Erin or Gloria. They will get you to the right person in no time. Or maybe you’re ready to see Dr. Mozayeni for your free LASIK consultation? Regardless, give it a try -- call us today!