A common thing Providence Eye hears in LASIK testimonials is what aspects of life are better. Sometimes they’re little things like seeing a clock clearly, sometimes they’re big things that improve quality of life, like being able to watch your child play sports with clear vision.

Corinne Steinbauer of Steele Creek is no different; her LASIK testimonial considers the big and little changes after LASIK, as well as the patient care she received from Dr. Mozayeni.

Corinne’s Story: A LASIK Dream Come True

Swimming, reading, and watching her 11-year-old son play baseball; are a few of Corinne’s favorite things, and all of these things have recently gotten better for Corinne.

In January 2015, Corinne had LASIK eye surgery performed by Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. Now, Corinne is seeing more and living better!

The first time our office spoke with Corinne to set up an “official” time to discuss her guest blog post, she was driving to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to watch her son play baseball in a tournament.

“It was great; this was the first time I packed for a trip where I did not need to worry about packing contacts, solution, glasses etc.”

Corinne felt so liberated. She is a busy working Mom and proud to be over the age of 50! Like all of us, by her mid 40’s, Corinne had begun to see a decline in her reading vision. This became a huge pain for Corinne, as she found herself needing contacts for distance, readers for reading and sometimes multiple pairs of glasses! Corinne also noticed her eyes were becoming increasingly dry, and could not tolerate contacts as well as she used to. (Just one more thing for women to worry about as we age!) J

The dryness is what she really needed to fix, so she set up a general eye exam with Dr. Vanessa Mills after a friend told her about Providence Eye. After conquering her dry eye condition, a requirement before having LASIK eye surgery, Corinne was ready for a LASIK consultation with Dr. Mozayeni.

Corinne’s Story Matches other LASIK Testimonials: Dr. Mozayeni Found the Right Solution for Her

The words Corinne used to describe Dr. Mozayeni are “involved & hands on.” Corinne and Dr. Mozayeni discussed her vision and possible solutions. She decided to pursue a monovison "test drive" again. Yes, again, because her previous eye doctor before Providence Eye provided her with the wrong prescription multiple times. However, with their careful attention to detail, Dr. Mozayeni and his team found a near and distance vision scenario that worked well for Corinne. Monovision turned out to be the best solution for her situation.

When it came to Surgery day, Corinne admits she was a little nervous. But, she had a close friend talk her through it. It also helped that Dr. Mozayeni and his team explained everything clearly multiple times verbally and in writing, so Corinne felt like she knew exactly what to expect.

Her nerves calmed. After just 10 minutes in the laser suite, Corinne was ready to go home and take a nap. She experienced a little burning and itching, but fell right to sleep.

Three to four hours later, Corinne awoke to a clearer world without the assistance of contacts or glasses. She could see the clock all the way across the room! She followed Providence Eye’s instructions for using eye drops, kept her eyes moist and slept through the night, anxious for her first post-op appointment in the morning.

The next morning, Corinne could see great, and Dr. Mozayeni confirmed that she was seeing roughly 20/20 and by her next appointment 1 month later, she was a perfect 20/20. This was a huge improvement for Corinne, as she had 20/400 vision before LASIK.

Now that summer is on its way, Corinne is excited to see more and live better. More swimming in the lake without worrying about losing a contact or getting an infection, more of her son’s baseball games and more work in human resources reading resume after resume after resume.

But, all of this she will be able to do glasses and contacts free, and without dry, itchy tired eyes. Does she recommend Dr. Mozayeni and having LASIK eye surgery at Providence Eye? Yes, she tells everyone she talks to.

“After 32 years of wearing contacts everyday, I never realized how much this could change my life, and it has dramatically. I can see the clock, read a menu, see my computer, swim in the lake and watch baseball games. All without glasses or contacts.”

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