Get to Know Diane

"My name is Diane and it’s true. I am scared of just the thought of having LASIK.

Everyone tells me how wonderful and life-changing it is, but that has not helped. As I have gotten older, my eyes have gotten worse. I never wore glasses until about six years ago, and they were just for reading. Now I find myself wearing them around the house and not realizing it. Everything Dr. Mozayeni told me back in 2009 has come true. I have to wear glasses to cook, and just recently, it’s been better watching TV with them on. I almost failed my driver’s license test because I couldn’t read the top line without glasses."

Choosing Providence Eye & Laser Specialists

"So, during my visit to Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni and I discussed my visual needs and what my options would be to correct my vision. I was pleased that Dr. Mozayeni answered my questions and addressed all my concerns. At this point, I have become comfortable enough to entertain LASIK. Dr. Mozayeni did not recommend traditional LASIK, as that would only correct my distance vision. He is recommending monovision LASIK."

Diane's Life After LASIK

"In true Dr. Mozayeni form, he recommended I take a monovision LASIK test drive. I was fitted with two different contacts - one for reading vision, one for distance vision. I have never worn contacts before and this idea of each eye doing something different seemed unusual to me. As I checked out at the front desk, I pulled out my smartphone and guess what!? I could read my text messages and see my pictures. It was wonderful!"

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