I asked Danielle (Danni) Volman, "What was the driving force that made you look into LASIK?" but instead of a typical response, I learned more about a truly special and unique woman. Danni, who live in Uptown Charlotte, has a passion for running, more specifically running for cancer research, and getting LASIK eye surgery made her life that much easier.

I love to run in the rain! I find it liberating, I specifically like trail running and to see the colors of the fall foliage.

Unfortunately running with glasses was a nightmare, and her contacts would pop out constantly. To top that off as a New York native recently introduced to classic Charlotte allergies who was never being able to find her glasses at night, Danni knew it was time to do something about it.

Danni does not just run, she runs to fight cancer.

"I run for my mom, for MacKenzie & Isabella." These are three very special people in Danni’s life who have battled cancer. Danni is the founder of iChasetheCure.org and a member of The Isabella Dream Team, which is currently training and raising money for the Isabella Santos 5k/10 on September 26th.

As most research begins, Danni started asking her friends about their experiences with LASIK eye surgery. Their positive responses made her increasingly comfortable, and she decided that it was time to schedule a LASIK consultation. Danni is a researcher by nature with high expectations, so she visited more than one LASIK surgeon.

I was SO impressed at my consultation with Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye. I never felt rushed. He answered my laundry list of questions and addressed all the rumors I heard about LASIK, both good and bad.

On the day of her LASIK eye surgery, Danni felt a little nervous, but felt continually reassured by the entire team at Providence Eye, especially Dr. Mozayeni. Dr. Mozayeni communicated with her throughout the entire LASIK eye surgery process, from consultation to post op care, and told her what to expect, no surprises. She was amazed at how quickly he performed the actual LASIK procedure. "For me, it was only 19 seconds per eye! I had no idea it would be that fast."

Danni received her LASIK eye surgery in April 2015. She is seeing 20/15, enjoying her training runs with Isabella’s Dream Team and raising thousands of dollars to fight cancer!

You can donate to Danni’s cause and/or join Dr. Mozayeni, Providence Eye, Danni and Isabella’s Dream Team at the 8th annual ISF 5K/10K for Kids Cancer on Saturday, September 26th. If you’re tired of running, swimming, biking, mothering, fathering or dealing with the hassle of contacts and glasses, contact us for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni to see if you are an ideal candidate. See More Live Better with Providence Eye.