One of the most common questions potential LASIK eye surgery patients have is, “What is the cost of LASIK at Providence Eye?” When researching the cost of LASIK, it is critical that you understand what the price is and how the price is determined. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, Dr. Mozayeni bases his LASIK cost on three pillars:

This three-part series explores the cost of LASIK at Providence Eye enabling you to better compare practices for your laser eye surgery.

Determining the Cost of LASIK: Surgeon Experience

The cost of LASIK at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is a flat rate for every patient, it is not based on how bad your prescription is or if you have an astigmatism. Dr. Mozayeni, the only LASIK surgeon at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, performs the initial consultation to determine if you are a good candidate, every part of your surgery and is integrally involved in the post-operative exams.

Dr. Mozayeni Is a Cornea Specialist

It’s important to understand that laser eye surgery is a procedure performed on your cornea, which is the thin, clear layer covering the front of the eye. A cornea specialist is an ophthalmologist (MD) with an additional year of training dedicated to studying the cornea. A fellowship-trained cornea specialist has a truly holistic understanding of the cornea, enabling them to understand the complexities and nuances of reshaping the cornea during LASIK surgery.

Experience Matters

The cost of LASIK at Providence Eye includes the extensive experience of Dr. Mozayeni. Since 2000, Dr. Mozayeni has dedicated his career to LASIK and has performed more than 45,000 laser vision correction procedures. He understands the LASIK procedure and knows how to deliver optimal results to every patients. When comparing the cost of LASIK between different practices it’s important that you evaluate the surgeon’s level of experience and expertise. You can do this by:

  • Asking your surgeon directly about their successful LASIK procedures.
  • Examining their credentials.
  • Reading current patient reviews.
  • Performing internet searches about the surgeon.

The combination of expert cornea knowledge and extensive surgery experience allows patients to achieve optimal vision correction results. The cost of LASIK at Providence Eye is based on the experience, expertise and success rate of Dr. Mozayeni.

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