If you want to find a LASIK surgeon in Charlotte, you need to look no further than Providence Eye & Laser Specialists.

Dr. Mozayeni is an experienced Cornea Specialist, and uses the best in LASIK technology. Read our patient testimonials or visit our Facebook page to see what other people have experienced.

Why Choose Us?

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists remains at the forefront of vision correction advancements so that you can be assured of a safer, more precise procedure. Although we offer comprehensive eye care to our Charlotte-area patients, we dedicate most of our practice to laser vision correction. We believe that the best results come from utilizing the best technology one patient at a time.

At our facility we offer:

Proven Results

Dr. Mozayeni has performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures in Charlotte and utilizes experienced Certified Ophthalmic Technicians. Our goal is not to be the biggest, fastest, or busiest…just the best. Although results are dependent on many factors, the most important step in obtaining excellent results is to not recommend the procedure if you are a borderline candidate. We pride ourselves on turning away 1 in 5 people interested in LASIK.

The Latest Technology

Dr. Mozayeni uses the WaveLight FS200 Laser in combination with the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q to perform OptiLASIK – this is all-laser, blade-free, computer controlled; redefining safety and precision. Dr. Mozayeni is the only LASIK surgeon in the Charlotte region offering this unique combination. He continues to be the most experienced Cornea Specialist in the area to offer both Wavefront-guided and Wavefront-optimized OptiLASIK.

Dr. Mozayeni was the first to introduce these WaveLight lasers to the Charlotte region. This LASIK Suite of leading-edge lasers enables Dr. Mozayeni to reshape your cornea with precision that was never thought to be possible. The WaveLight FS200 is the fastest and most recently FDA-approved laser in the United States.

Personal Attention

Dr. Mozayeni is one of few LASIK surgeons in the region that examines every potential candidate, performs your entire surgery, and is integrally involved in the follow up care. This level of personal attention is what makes us so different and is critical in being the best. Attention to detail at every level is critical to excellence and we demand this from all of the staff for all of our patients. At most other facilities, you may not meet the surgeon or have an opportunity to discuss your expectations and needs until the day of the procedure.

A True Consultation

Unlike most other Charlotte LASIK offices, we do not perform a simple screening by one of our employees. Each patient will have a complete laser vision correction evaluation by their actual LASIK surgeon, Dr. Mozayeni, and his staff. If initial testing indicates you are likely a candidate, you will then experience the most comprehensive eye exam you have ever had which will take approximately 2 hours. During this time you will have an opportunity to discuss all of your questions with Dr. Mozayeni. Whether you have 1 question or 100 questions, Dr. Mozayeni is there to answer them for you. This LASIK consultation process is critical in assuring you are an excellent candidate and we do not hesitate to tell you if you are not. We turn away approximately 20% of all patients considering laser vision correction.

Honest Pricing

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we believe in an honest and straightforward pricing policy and many options to help make the procedure affordable. Bargain pricing ads for LASIK can be deceptive. “Bait and switch” is an unethical way of providing health care and you will not find any “small print” or “starting at” prices at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. We firmly believe that our pricing is competitive when comparing similar technology and that we provide a level of service and results that are unmatched in the region. Be careful when comparing prices. With the technological advancements in laser vision correction, not all practices provide the best available laser technology.