Vision & General Eye Care Insurance

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in Charlotte, NC participates with the following medical insurance plans only for the purposes of general eye care and medical issues related to eyes and vision.

Acceptable Eye Care Insurance Carriers:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (All NC and out of state)
  • Cigna
  • Medcost (Please call your insurance carrier to confirm we are on your list)
  • Medicare (Traditional red, white and blue – not HMO Advantage)
  • Primary Physicians Care (Healthgram)
  • United Health Care – UMR
  • Wellpath

Note that you do not necessarily have to have vision insurance (such as VSP) to be covered for an eye exam at our office. Your medical insurance plan can sometimes be used for routine eye care and almost always for the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems such as (but not limited to): dryness, allergies, infections, injuries, cataracts, macular degeneration, and for some problems related to the use of contact lenses. Also, your insurance plan can usually be used for an annual eye exam if you have a medical condition that necessitates this such as diabetes.

Please note that not all insurance plans cover routine eye care and it is recommended that you check with your carrier before making an appointment. Again, if you are having a problem of some type with your eyes, then this would not be considered routine eye care and your medical insurance would likely be used for the care of this problem. If you have a specific question regarding your insurance and coverage or don’t see your carrier listed below, please use our contact form contact form to inquire. We can usually respond to your questions more efficiently and more accurately if you use this contact form rather than calling us.

Remember that most insurance plans require a co-pay due at the time of your appointment and have annual deductibles that are determined by the plan you or your employer has chosen. We have no control over these items and your financial responsibility will be determined by these items.

You may contact our Insurance Department at 704-540-9595 x379 to obtain answers to your questions or email.

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