All-Laser Blade Free LASIK

laser-eye-surgeryAt Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we believe in only offering the best and safest technology available. That is why Dr. Mozayeni only performs all-laser, blade free LASIK utilizing complementing lasers:  The Wavelight FS200 and the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q Laser.

When Dr. Mozayeni performs all-laser, blade free LASIK, there are several steps taken:

  1. Understanding your eyes: We utilize several of the most advanced corneal mapping systems including the latest Pentacam® system, and Wavefront technology. Wavefront refers to a process by which mapping information is used to customize the laser treatment. Because each person’s eye processes light differently and has different curvature, your mapping is unique to you and may help us personalize your treatment, assuring the best results. Providence Eye utilizes Wavefront diagnostic technology as part of every person’s evaluation, which allows Dr. Mozayeni to determine the exact correction that is best for you.
  2. Making the flap: Today the industry standard is to make the flap with a laser as opposed to a blade.  However, what sets Dr. Mozayeni apart from others is the technology he has invested in so that he can make “the best flaps” while simultaneously making the patient the most comfortable.  Dr. Mozayeni creates the corneal flap using the WaveLight FS 200 Laser. Its arrival to the U.S. LASIK industry in October 2010 brought us the most significant technology upgrade in ten years.
  3. Reshaping the cornea: Once the cornea is exposed Dr. Mozayeni then reshapes the underlying tissue using the Allegretto Eye-Q Laser.

All-laser, blade-free LASIK has proven itself to be safer and more precise since it was introduced in 2002. Millions of procedures have been performed worldwide since 2002 and is now accepted as the safest and most accurate method.

Dr. Mozayeni performs your entire OptiLASIK all-laser, blade-free LASIK procedure, and is the first and only Cornea Specialist offering the Wavelight FS 200 Laser AND the Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q Laser in the Charlotte region.  These two lasers were chosen to not only provide the best immediate results for our patients, but to also ensure a long-lasting result with uncompromising safety and comfort.

The advantages of OptiLASIK with these two WaveLight lasers are:

  • Truly customized flap – ensuring a better outcome
  • Lower risk – Virtually eliminates the risk of complication during the procedure by utilizing a computer-controlled laser rather than a blade
  • A faster procedure time.
  • Increased comfort for the patient.

All-laser, blade-free LASIK is also known as I-LASIK and Z-LASIK. The procedure name is dependent on the laser manufacturer. It is important to understand which laser is being used to shape the cornea. All of these terms refer to the same type of procedure. The difference is in the technology, and more importantly in the expertise of the LASIK surgeon.

Dr. Mozayeni is the premier LASIK surgeon in Charlotte and is recognized as one of the top 5% in the country.