It's just one of the many reasons that Dr. Reza Mozayeni is known as "The Doctor's Doctor"! Dr. Zach Engle, a fully licensed optometrist at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, trusted his own eyes to surgeon and founder Dr. Mozayeni on November 16, 2012 for laser corrective surgery. There are two primary types of laser corrective surgery: LASIK, which involves creating a flap in the cornea, and PRK, which does not. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Mozayeni determined that PRK was the best option for Dr. Engle. Check out Dr. Engle’s video blogs, documenting everything starting from one day before, to the moments before PRK in the laser suite, to immediately after surgery and at his post-surgery checkup to see how surgery went and how he's doing now. Just one day after surgery, Dr. Engle reported, "Not too much trouble with discomfort and vision is coming along."










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